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So it's been a couple of weeks since Mr. A moved into our house. We (TP and I, though probably Mr. A as well) aren't sure how long he will be staying. As it stands the move really was painless...really couldn't ask for much more than that.

No real complaints about Mr. A or TP, even the sleeping arrangements seem to go smoothly. Even getting quality time together is easy, Mr. A and I...and TP really just discuss what our needs are and we make the plans. Mr. A has even suggested that we do things together..all 3 of us...which is nice to know he is putting in that effort. I guess I should complain about myself since the couple of weeks he has been here I have been having peaks (of the peaks and valleys) of feeling secondary or inadequate. I suppose it really has to do with the fact that TP can be sexually intimate with Mr. A but she and I are still facing problems in that area. Counselling has really helped all aspects of our relationship, except for that...I think we just need to start from the ground and work up, rebuild the intimacy slowly...I know this is the case and it can take time but in the mean time it's frustrating and I am doing my best to absolve myself of the guilt I feel because of it.

As for my libido, it's back to normal, or where I feel it's normal anyway. Though I still don't want to look outside of my marriage for anything, I just want to focus on working with TP....
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