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I think it's awesome that she did all that for you!

I don't get a period anymore due to meds for endometriosis, but I still get the hormone flux. When I recognize it I warn Karma and he usualy treads a little lighter. I don't get bitchy as much as I take everything personaly and cry at every percieved attack.

Panda and I didn't live together, but we might as well have with all the time we spent together. We started getting them together and Karma would come home with ice cream and movies and then leave to our house or hers depending on where we were. We got along fine, we'd just sit there and cry together over stupid movies.

and yes for some women the way the hormones change, medication is needed. It may be a naturaly occuring, good thing, religious experience, but if the hormones shift that far, a bubble bath is not going to make anything better. I was ready to put my Dr up for sainthood when she finaly saw what other dr's didn't. With my hormones regulated, my moods are much more stable, my endo pain is almost un noticable, and I have a sex drive again. Hormones play a larger role than most people realize.
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