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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
Mo, how often is he going out with Cookie? I mean, I figure once per week is enough....maybe twice. PERSONALLY, more than that is too much unless you are living together with her. Kandy already said that if I were to start seeing a woman as much as Karma is Cookie, there would be issues. LOL But I really don't have that issue. (Havent been on a date in a LOOOONG time now with anyone but Kandy )

Maybe Karma is still caught up in the NRE, and maybe you could have still gone to the carnival without arousing suspicion. This would have also marked your first meeting with Cookie. Wouldn't it have? Bummer. Best of luck in the near future.
They see eachother once or twice a week, tuesdays and a weekend day. Mostly due to finances it'll cut to once a week until school loans come in. So it isn't really all that often.

He saw Cricket 3-5 times a week with a few of those being movie nights or something we all did together. Cookie doesn't really want that type of relationship. At least not yet. She's okay seeing where things go as far as she and I being friends but she isn't sure how she feels about all three of us doing things together. Which I can respect, she wasn't sure about all of this from the begining and just as it was hard for me to see him hug, kiss, hold hands with someone else, I'm sure it would be awkward to see your b/f do that with his wife.

The carnival was a family event and her sisters do know, dad doesn't. None of us want to lie about it and she isn't ready to tell him, so it was best to not give the chance for questions.

I honestly don't mind the time, even if it were more. Especialy when school starts. My classes are all online and I'll be glad to have him out of the house while I do school stuff. What bothers me is they get to do fun stuff and I go stir crazy. And when he is home, he's playing video games and I'm on the computer. So there's no quality time, fun stuff going on. We've never 'dated' and so it bothers me sometimes that other women get fun courting Karma and I get video games and household stuff Karma. He fails at planning dates, he'll be the first to admit it, he doesn't plan ahead, he's very go with the flow. And I've always known that. It's not like he wouldn't do things with me, I just have to find something indoors, cheap and close by.

I think most of it is just cabin fever. I just spent an hour looking up free or nearly free things Karma and I can do together that is indoors. We have no a/c in either car and the air quality here is shit. So I can only go outside on low air days when the humidity isn't high. And due to meds I can't handle direct sun or heat for too long so I'm stuck here.

Every year about this time my depression kicks up and this year I finaly figured out why. Being stuck in the house I get bored and then my brain goes into overdrive. Cabin fever at it's best.

I get jealous that she (any she, two yrs ago it was panda, last year cricket, this yr cookie) can go out and do things with him and if I even think about going outside it's like a bad vampire movie. And I don't want to go sit at a friends house cuz that's just as boring so I might as well just sit here in my Pj's and at least be comfy in my bored.

It's not Karmas fault. He does what he can to entertain me and to make things easier for me.

I'm feeling better about it now that I did all that research. Found a ton of things we can do for free or close to it and it's indoors and close by.

Mostly it's just readjusting to him dating. I don't do well with change. I need my routines, and dating someone new brings a change in my routine and I need to readjust.

So it's a combo of readjusting, cabin fever and wanting to do fun things with him.
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