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Default Poly in Denver

Hey All,

I just found this site on a reference from another Denverite who joined the Denver group. It's great to be here.
This is my first foray into forums. Please be kind with me as I barely know what I'm doing.

I'm married for 17 years with 3 kids.
We've been poly for about 2 years... or 3 years depending on how you look at it.
And we've never been happier.

I'm part of the leadership group of the Denver Poly Discussion Group. I am the Membership Coordinator. Not that I've really defined what that job is.

I fumbled a long time trying to craft my marriage into something that I'd never heard of until I found other poly-folk. I hope to help others along on the same journey... hopefully with less confusion.

Chat with me anytime or send me an e-mail.
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