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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I've always thought the best way to end a relationship is one last lovemaking session to honor what people had. It can be such a beautiful thing to say goodbye like that. I am sure if they were talking about ending it and crying before hitting the sack, she wouldn't think he was just trying to fuck her or pretend it wasn't over. She might have pretended in the morning, but...

WW, next time you talk to her, I guess to break it off, you can tell her that you want her to recall the beauty and love of that last time.

Sure, that is possible. It depends on the people and how things play out. Sometimes people surprise us in a good way, sometimes not. You just don`t know until it happens.
Sometimes we think we know people, but you dont really know what you are dealing with, until the proverbial shit hits the fan.

So, the 'be careful' spirit, I wouldnt be surprised if she looked back on the last few sexual encounters and doubted his intentions. She has previously made him aware, how devestated she would be, if he left her.

and for the record,..I truly like to be wrong on such matters.
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