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I hate summer!!!! I have not been out of this house for more than an hour in weeks. Karma is at the carnival with Cookie and I so want to go. I love fairs and carnivals. I couldn't go tonight because Cokkie's family is there and they don't know Karma is married. And tonight was the coolest and least humid night to go.

Oh well it's not like we had the money to do anything anyway. So I'm cleaning instead.

Cabin fever is kicking in big time. I want to find a class or something I can do that does not involve being stuck in the house and it all costs money. There's a local jazzercise but it's like $20 a class. I think when the school opens the pool and fitness center for the fall, I go with Karma and swim while he's in class. That saves on gas and gets me doing something free and active.

I just cannot wait until the temp is reasonable again. I'm getting irritable and taking it out on Karma. So I just watch tv all day so I stay out of his way, and it's too much like what it used to be.

But it's not, I want to leave the damn house and I can't. I want to go do things with him but we can't afford to do anything. When it comes down to us doing something or saving that money so he can have the gas to go see cookie, I choose to save the money.

So I guess once again it's my fault that I'm feeling disconnected from him.

Sorry I just really needed to rant.
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