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Originally Posted by 123 View Post
I really am baffled because on every level, he really is the guy I want and love. In every aspect he thinks/feels/acts in ways I respect and want in a partner... but somehow when it comes to ME, to his future wife, it switches up.
Ah, you should see if you can find this movie: Gabriela (1983). A very sensuous and untamed peasant woman (Sonia Braga) works for a cafe owner (Marcello Mastroianni) and becomes his mistress. They have wild passionate sex all the time -- on the cafe tables, half out of a window, everywhere -- until he marries her. Suddenly, this uneducated and sexually open woman is now expected to stop running around barefoot like a peasant, and attend poetry readings because she is his wife and needs to be respectable and proper. Eventually, they don't enjoy sex anymore and she's miserable. So she sleeps with someone else, he has the marriage annulled, and they're back on the cafe tables fucking their brains out!

It's a totally hot film and very enjoyable, but the important part is about how ingrained these Madonna/whore complexes are in men, even when they're supposed to be open-minded (I saw it when it first came out and don't know if you can find it anywhere. I've only seen short clips from it on YouTube.)
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