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Thanks everyone! I'm going to link this to him. I wasn't sure how to answer him, I couldn't quite sort out the thoughts through my head, but I know how I FEEL, but some very good points were brought up here.

NYCindie, a few things have changed and others have stayed the same. He did get out of his funk that he was in and we continued therapy. He felt like he was doing great and didn't need to continue, though I still go. He deployed a week ago, so right now I don't have him here which doesn't help the situation a whole lot.

What DID really change is that he seemed to be doing really well, and as things have gone on, I've realized that not only do I feel I am poly, but also would love to have just a plain open relationship to allow for spontaneous interactions, not just full on dating/relationships. Before he had said absolutely no to an open relationship, but I suggested maybe we revisit the idea and gave him my thoughts and feelings on the subject. He did have an anxiety attack, but after some time to reflect on everything and some more discussion and reassurance from me, he decided that we could give it a try. Nothing has happened yet, we are still discussing things, but this was one of his issues that has been brought up and I wasn't sure how to put my feelings into words.
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