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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
I'm a Canaanite Reconstructionist.
I googled this phrase, since I've got not much more than the very faintest clue what a Canaanite Reconstructionist might be. And my google didn't turn up anything that seemed concise and to the point descriptive. Can you help? I'm curious.

As for magic in my life -- I pretty much assume that everthing has mystery about it, which is to say that it is more unknown than known. Yet we humans like to map and model and theorize -- and probably cannot help it, anyway. So my magical practice is simply a matter of acknowledging that I don't know how it is, what it is.... And then I open to beauty and truth and goodness and welcome its arrival. It actually works! I experience much beauty and goodness and truth. So I suppose it is a kind of science as much as a kind of magic. Hypotheses tested, heart desires fulfilled.
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