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Default Taking Care of number 1.

I have come to the realization after last years plummet into a deep depression that I am the heartbeat of the family. I keep everyone warm, alive, and nourished. To keep my steady pace I have to see to it that number one is in working order. I have spent time getting things in order and planning planning planning. We are walking on a thin sheet of ice right now. If we move graceful and slow it will work out. If anything out of the blue happens it may all just come tumbling down. I have faith that it is going to work out. I have to.

I have focused on me, and in turn have done great for the family. For one eating more, and of a better quality is something that we are all benefiting from. I have switched coffee for tea. I have cut down on sweets. For another is plenty of exercise but not over doing it which tends to happen when there is so much to do here. I got a better pair of shoes that I can easily move in. My clogs are a danger to a klutz like me. I have been taking my anti-depressant. If I feel safe enough I may go see a counselor to try to work through some of my issues. Meditation and doing things I love are also important. So, long story short, I for once feel in control. Jewell and Lover are of course helping as much as they can. All the adults have pooled together talents and ideas. Hand in hand in hand we are going to do this.

Complete off notes…..

Getting a glimpse into the convo between Lover and Jewell:
Lover says "You have been calling her sister. Do you think she can handle it. Don't you think she misses your touch."
Jewell says "I think we all know that I have gone to far in this transition. She has became more of my sister and your my sisters boyfriend."
Lover, "That’s just too weird."

Me the next day "Give Lover a kiss for me."
Jewell "It won't be the same coming from me." Temp pause followed by massive laughter.

The Dew in a taunting voice that only a 7 year old can manage "Awww Lovers your handsome boyfriend."
My response is a sarcastic look of death.

I sure hope I get to see lover soon. We haven't had a session for a while and I need a good mauling. Maybe this weekend. I hope, even for the day, I hope. I think it may be today?
I make the letter V. I am married to my wife Jewel (MtoF) for 8 years. Adopted into our family is my Sextoy/SSO (Straight Male).--Not living together.
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