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Originally Posted by JenAgain View Post
Any thoughts/advice?
Go out on romantic dates together. Be clear ahead of time that this is your romantic time, and do it with regularity, say once or twice a month, or more frequently if that works for you.

[edit]: Longtime partnerships get stale when we don't do things that keep them fresh, alive, new.... And this can complicate jealousy issues surrounding attraction or involvement with others, who are fresh and new.


That thought popped into my head for you, but then I realized that it is perfect advice for me and my Kevin-Sweetie, who I've been with for more than 15 years.

It's going to be a bit of a challenge to encourage Kevin to go out on "romantic" dates with me, 'cause once we were out at a nice Thai restaraunt (yum!) and he was distracted, checking out other guys, not looking me in the eyes..., and here we are in this restaraunt with a white lenin (sp?) table cloth and white napkins..., candle light.... So I asked him and we talked and it turned out he just thought I wanted to go out to eat because I needed a break from cooking. And then he said, "But we've already done that" about my saying a little romance couldn't hurt. (Yes, my boyfriend can be a little thickheaded now and then, but we do love one another anyway.)

Kevin and I share a bed most every night; we live together, we eat and play and do all of the usual domestic things together, and we're really good buddies, mostly. And now I see that I need to try and encourage and cultivate some "romance" between us. >crossing fingers<
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