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Arrow self esteem

Some questions for discussion:

1.How important is self esteem in the creation of healthy, loving relationships?

Its importance cannot be overstated.

2.How is self esteem furthered where it is insufficient?

Self nuture (Painting your toenails in freakishly beautiful colors...
and being around people who have good self esteem;
nature, painting, accomplishing small or large goals, "puttering" and other centering activities;
realizing the only control one has in life, is over one's outward reactions.

Do not react in anger...Self esteem also furthered by realizing it is not just OK but okey-dokey fine to be a human "being" as opposed to a human "doing"...And realizing most of life is shades or gray as opposed to black/white.
Accepting and realizing, one doesn't need to take sides, judge, or be instructive to another human being.
Staying the HELL away from toxic sludgey people.

3. On a scale of 0 -10, with 0 being the least and 10 being the most of healty self esteem, where is your average placement on the scale over the last year?

I am certainly not all that and a bag o chips...or egotistical...but i would say a 9 or 10. I have had benefit of therapy for PTSD and major depression with a truly amazing team: my beloved Dr. Ed L., psychiatrist Dr S-G as I call her, and one of her therapists, Alicia D. who has since left that practice. They saved my life and brought me life out of the darkness of what can only be called domestic violence in the workplace. Perseverance served me well in life, but in this situation almost killed me. This team showed, it was not my fault. When I encounter the individual tormentors, I square my shoulders, take up way more personal space than I need, extending mine into theirs, and look through them if I cannot avoid a full frontal faceoff.

4. Has your placement on that scale changed in recent time
Not a whole lot in the past 7 years...

If yes, why/how do you think it has changed?

Please answer any or all of these questions. No pressure to answer all of them!

Also, please feel free to offer your own questions or comments, independent of my own.
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