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Originally Posted by jrrmjr820 View Post
. . . I find myself being attracted to a most inappropriate person that will remain in the unrealized affection file. For one, he's a little young although I don't know for sure my guess is he's 25 or 26 and that is far too young for him to get involved with me when I have no desire to give him any children of his own.
That's an odd reason. If he's accepting of poly, he can have kids with someone else! What even makes you think he would want children, or even that serious of a relationship right away? I highly doubt a young guy is thinking along those lines!

You don't need to worry about things like that just to start out dating someone to see if there's compatibility or connection.

Plus, I don't think it would be inappropriate. People date their kids' teachers all the time. They're human, too! LOL
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