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I think you hit the nail on the head when you implied that a lot of our desire is always for the things we don't already have. That 72" television we see in the store looks totally awesome, and we can't stop imagining it hanging in our home. Yet the moment we have it, sure, we love, we enjoy it, we don't want to give it up, but now we are focused that computer.... *grin*

When we are jealous, it is some times over a single thing, such as how much desire you express to others. We often forget all the good and wonderful things we already possess. Imagine a millionaire getting upset over some homeless man who found $10 in the street. All he can do is focus on the enjoyment the homeless man is expressing, and complaining "that should have been me!"

I know I have fallen into that trap on occasion, and will probably do so again. I wish I had the answer on how to stop myself from doing it, other than just slapping myself on the wrist and telling myself to stop being an ass. I think that is all I can do.

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