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Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
I'm sorry to hear that nycindie. *hugs* . . . Hopefully things will go better for you.... wasn't the divorce his idea anyway?
Yes, he is the one who wanted the divorce, but we've been wrangling over support. He's resented my asking for it, but there is now something else he's pissed off about, apparently, and his lawyer hinted at some legal action he wants to take against me.

I've already applied for food stamps and may need more assistance. Plus I just decided that the only way I can keep my teensy 1-BR apartment is to get a roommate -- which means I will have to rent out my BR and sell my LR furniture to turn that room into my BR. And that will severely hamper my love life, for sure. I really don't want a roommate at my age, but there are no jobs and I have no money!
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