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So what does he want? What do YOU want?

I'm not 100% sure what he wants. Except that he wants to live a Poly lifestyle with me. According to him he's been trying to figure this out for 4 years (we've been married for 5). He wants me to be okay with everything. As far as what I want....I want both of us to be happy and together. If he truly is Poly then I want to continue to respect that and work with him on it. I love him and I want to support him in anything he does.

Are you saying he gets to see other women, possibly procreate with them, but you must see only him and if you don't like his terms, tough on you?

He says that I can date if that's what I really want. But he feels that I want to date in hopes of making myself Poly. I don't want to be Poly, but I do want the same options that he has. His long term goal is to find someone to fall madly in love with and that he could possibly have children with. He's already talking about a commitment ceremony and all that. If he had his way he wants someone that could move in with us, etc. That is just TOO much for me to deal with and think of at this current time.

Or are you "allowed" to have a girlfriend?

You know I've never asked about a GF. He would probably laugh at me because I've never really thought about being with another women. He would probably give me his blessing in a heart beat!

Sounds like typical sexist shit to me. I wouldn't have a kid with this guy. Then again, I wouldn't have a kid with ANYbody, but that's me.
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