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How important is self esteem in the creation of healthy, loving relationships?

I don't think I have had a healthy level of self-esteem for a few years, but I have the same partner so in a way that is good. In other ways it is bad, as I have devalued myself, so I have been devalued.. now as he is getting stronger in himself and finding the strength to get his needs/wants/desires met... I am lost and behind... so anyway I think it is very important in the maintaining of healthy, loving relationships.

How is self esteem furthered where it is insufficient?

Finding a place inside that is quiet and without the negative self-talk to explore who I am and who I want to be. Exercise to built a positive body image as well as increasing pain tolerance. Nature to feed the soul, painting/sculpting to free the inner me.

On a scale of 0 -10, with 0 being the least and 10 being the most of healthy self esteem, where is your average placement on the scale over the last year?


Has your placement on that scale changed in recent time?

should of put 3, 2, 1 ....... not ready to step in front of a train or anything but ready to start moving up instead of down!

If yes, why/how do you think it has changed?

well this last year has been very hard, big changes with my spouse as he has come forward with some things that he has been keeping secret as well as his need to be poly (not sure I said that right, still don't really understand) and finding myself slipping down a dark spiral, struggling now to climb back up.
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