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Originally Posted by MRC2009 View Post
- Pregnancy
I see this as a big red flag. Bringing anyone into the world is a huge deal. You two really need to be on-board any decisions in this matter. He needs to take your concerns much more seriously than he seems to. Especially since a child would bind whomever you meet permanently to your lives, and so early in your poly-adventure...seems dangerous to me.

I've tried to explain my feelings about this to him. I don't understand why he isn't willing to work with me on this. He said that if he finds someone that he falls in love with and they want a child then he will give it to them. He has convinced himself that because I have fertility issues that I will never be able to give him any children. I told him that no one knows what's going to happen and that he could be worrying himself over nothing. I've been clear that this is a deal breaker for me! It seems as though he's willing to lose me over something like this.

"Give him children"?

What are you, a baby-vending-machine? A uterus with arms and legs?

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