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Default Just my two cents

I love spending all my time with my partner. Even if we are set to seperate tasks (him working in the yard and me cooking dinner) the energy of his presence is comforting to me. Some call it co-dependent, maybe it is. We both feel the same way so it works for us. Because we are also poly and want to date other people it is hard. Dating requires making a conscious choise to take time apart to foster new relationships that obviously aren't going to immediately meld into our day to day lives.

I have learned to accept people that I am dating as part-time..they don't need to fill the full-time role that my live-in partner fills. I enjoy each relationship for what it is and what it brings me.

I would suggest...and this is only my opinion...that you carry on with this woman that you obviously care a great deal about, take it for what it is, enjoy the time that you spend together and also leave yourself open to finding someone who can meet your needs for something live-in. I would agree that there is nothing wrong with wanting this. i just wouldn't want to give up on the great connection that you have with this woman to get it.

My two cents....
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