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There are probably some married couples out there that spend less time together than people who see each other a few times a week. Some men may actually see their secretaries....sorry, administrative assistants, more than they see their wife. I guess you can't categorize a "full time" relationship as seeing someone every day.

I typically spend two nights a week with the GF, heading to her place straight from work. This means at most I am with the wife for only five nights, unless I have another date, or she has a date herself, in which case it is even less. Then there are all the other activities she may want to do, which take her out of the house. None of this makes my wife a part time relationship. Seeing less of each other has not diminished our relationship.

I do understand the desire to be in your girlfriend's life everyday, after all, that is why I left my country to be with my wife. It's that comforting feeling of knowing there is somebody at home, waiting for you. Personally, I don't like being alone. whenever the wife is out on the date, and I am alone for the night (i.e. kids are in bed), I also feel a little lonely. Yet, even if the wife was at home with, it is possible we are both busy doing our "own stuff." Human want ae weird. It's like wanting a new toy, and then never playing it when we finally have it.

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