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Originally Posted by Hannahfluke View Post
So they have developed a test that doesn't require an outbreak.
I know about the antibody test , but up here it is not available through general health care. I don't know about the private clinics. It seems the gov has pretty much given up on herpes and HPV, focusing instead on gonorrhea and chlamydia which can cause infertility and thus are vital in the fight to promote national interests and high natality .

Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
I am one of those lucky people that contracted HSV 1 from oral sex. *sigh*
Yep, Vanilla managed to score that too. Her partner's comments? "Well I did wonder why my tongue felt sore, but didn't think much of it".

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Thanks, will try to dive into that with some depth later. But it seems that there is too little definite information on how HPV contracts that it's pretty hard to protect against .
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