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IG, if you want a kindred spirit romantic relationship then you need to pursue it with someone who wants the same thing. Because anything less is not going to satisfy you in the way you want it too. And you will always wonder what a relationship like that would be like.

I was once in a relationship like you are, and I knew deep down that it was not what I really wanted. I think you know this too. The girl you're with will not satisfy your relationship needs in the way you want it. It is upsetting to come to this realisation but it's the truth and it's better to face up to the truth rather than be in denial. You should not sell yourself short, because being in that kind of relationship is as awesome as you dream of. I'm forever grateful that my previous relationship ended because the guy I'm with now is beyond my dreams of my perfect "beloved".

What you do with your current relationship is up to you. If you're into poly, then you can continue it, but you might want to gently end it and have some single time to yourself to clear your head and refocus.
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