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Panda was one of the few that Karma introduced me to that I had anything in common with. Cookie seems more like my type of people. Just the way she handles things, the things she likes to do, her thought processes. She deals with things head on instead of hiding from them. That's my big thing. I need to know how to handle conflict with someone. And Cookie seems to handle things relativley the same way I do.

She wants to eventualy have a friendship, but she's not sure how much of the three of us spending time together she is up for. I think that may be disapointing for Karma. But I also think that if she and I enjoy spending time together, her view on that may change.

I'm stuck on the part where she wants to have a friendship with me, not as Karmas wife. Obviously I am my own person, but he is such a huge part of my life I'm not competely sure how to seperate that.

The nice thing though, is there's no rush to solve it. I don't feel like this is a problem that must immediatly be dealt with. I feel much more at ease that it'll work itself out in time.

I'm also discovering more about myself. I had a random though a little bit ago. If I were to go away for a weekend and Karma were to stay home, I don't know that it would bother me for her to stay here. Which is odd to me, because it's always been MY house MY bed, the one thing I won't share is MY bed. But I just don't feel like I care with Cookie.

That may change. I dunno. It seems that doing it the 'right' way for the first time has as much of a learning curve as the doing it the 'wrong' way did.
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