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I would much rather do things with Karma than do them alone. Even our day to day-he's playing video games and I'm on the computer, but we are still sharing space, sharing energy, and available should interest in another activity arise.

Karma needs his space. It is a concept completely foreign to me. I do enjoy some alone time, but I don't even realise I need it until he's gone.

I don't think it makes either of us any more or less needy. It's just who and how we are. We've both adjusted and adapted over the years. And it's not like I ever told him he couldn't have a guys night, or couldn't go do something he wanted. I don't 'need' to have him with me 24/7. It's just something I enjoy.

I think if you are wanting to keep this going you are going to need to adapt, or make this a part time relationship and find someone who can meet those needs for you.

While some goals the two of you have may be the same or similar, some obviously are not and if it affecting her physicaly from carrying the tension, it's time reevaluate things.

It shouldn't be about making yourself less. You should never desire to be less than you in order to please someone else.
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