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NYC wrote: "I'm not saying this because of being poly or mono or anything, but: How can seeing each other three times a week with calls and texts in between be even remotely considered "part-time?" That seems quite involved to me. It seems you want to be joined at the hip or something, and I can see how that would come across to her as being needy and smothering."

Well NYC.. I know many people would consider 3 days very part time. I fully realize all relationships are different and some people require/need their alone time more than others- perhaps to keep their sanity because they simply can't be around one person for extended periods.
But please, some of us actually enjoy sharing the company of another, a lot of time.... We enjoy interacting, simply feel good being around a kindred spirit (thank you M for that great term ). I don't know why some people have such a hard time believing or rather simply accept that some of us feel joy, closeness and great intimacy all the time when we are with someone we care about. Yes, day in and day out, every day.

Some of us don't consider that "smothering", we call it companionship. Some of us don't consider it "needy", we call it generous and we welcome it with open arms.

Just saying...
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