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Red face More women, more PMS

Pinky1223 and I are discussing the monthly cycle of our relationship.

We've discovered a pattern

Fights always seem to come up about 2 days before she or I start our periods. Duh!

Problem is, we don't always recognize the signs...until 2 days later, when Aunt Flo shows up.

Then we feel bad for being bitchy and hormonal.

So, this month, Pinky (being the bestest girlfriend ever) recognized the signs of my PMS and sprung into action!

First: She recommended I take a xanax. I complied.
Next: She took Poppa aside and explained to him that he was not to try to be funny, or cute, or sexy, or even speak...really, for the next 48 hours.
Then: She had the same talk with my son, and made sure his chores were done before I got home
Finally: She cooked my favorite comfort foods (Meatloaf & Mac n' Cheese), kept the children away from me, and let me go to bed early.

I love my girlfriend!

I woke up in a great mood the next day!

Anyone else have any tips or tricks for handling "that time of the month," when there is more than one female in the relationship?
still trying to figure it all out...

Married Bi-female in a poly-fi triad with Girlfriend Pinky1223 and Hubby - Poppa
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