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Originally Posted by islandgy9 View Post
When I asked her the following question: "Ideally, *how much time per week would you like to spend together?" her reply was three days/nights a week with texts/phone calls in between.
**Most guys I know would give their right arm for a part time relationship like that.
I'm not saying this because of being poly or mono or anything, but: How can seeing each other three times a week with calls and texts in between be even remotely considered "part-time?" That seems quite involved to me. It seems you want to be joined at the hip or something, and I can see how that would come across to her as being needy and smothering.

I think the important thing for you is to explore why you see frequency of a relationship as the thing that indicates satisfaction and fulfillment in it. I think you might want to find ways to enjoy your alone time. It's not always necessary to be in someone's presence physically to feel a meaningful connection to them or that you share an energy.

Also, could you please refrain from using all those asterisks (*) and just make sure you break up your paragraphs? Your posts are difficult to read.
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