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Originally Posted by MRC2009 View Post
I've asked him if he was okay with the thought of me "dating" another man and he said that he was fine with it. He then went on to say that he would have to approve of the person and that there would be rules (and a VETO power). I laughed when you said that it is generally easier for women to find partners then men. My husband seems to think the opposite! He has said (more than once) that he could have someone in less than a month but that it would take me awhile to find someone (if I could at all).
Forgive me. For some reason what you said here about your husband really pushed my buttons... This guy sounds like a JERK.

Again...sorry, I know that's not cool to do on Forums.
There must be good in this man for you to have married him and stay with him, but he needs to respect your needs more.
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