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Exclamation Things That Make Me Go HMMMMMM

These things really raise some Red Flags for me:

Recently (a few weeks ago) my husband (of 5 years) told me that he is Poly!
He kept telling me that this was going to be fun and that it would benefit both of us.
In the first place you just don't turn Poly overnight. In the second place it maybe fun 5% of the time but being Poly is hard, Damn hard.

He said that there would be rules/guidelines that we would all have to agree on (and follow). Well I started thinking about it and I decided to jot down a couple of rules that I would want to have. When I told my husband about them he didn't agree with a most of them.
If you don't have the love and understanding to respect anothers boundaries and rules then I'm thinking you are not Poly - just shallow and looking to Have "Fun" at anothers expense.

These things just make me go Hmmmmm.

Just Me,
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Round & round the circle goes.
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