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Default instructions come in two forms

I agree with imapolygirlmaybe.

it is confusing.

what is going on is that there are two sets of instructions:

one set came with the software that runs this forum, this describes all the things that the software can do, but most of these are things that the mods can choose to do, choose to disable, or can choose to set specific limits. This is what imapolygirlmaybe has quoted from.

secondly, in the FAQ forum is the explanation of what settings have actually been chosen by the admins and moderators since the software was installed.

The reason it is confusing is that the user does not realise that one set of instructions is for the illuminati and the other for beginners. That is not down to the mods and admins, it is the way a lot of software is written, but that does not help the end user.

I hope it will help the admins and mods to understand that complaints like the one we have just seen are not usually a comment on their own efforts or their own skills.

Hacking the text that imapolygirlmaybe quoted is usually a harder job than changing the FAQ, due to the way this kind of software is put together. That may be why it has not been done.

one suggestion I would make is to put into the FAQ a note that the notes in the FAQ are more specific thanthe ones quoted, and where the details differ to go with the FAQ.

I too hope you stay, imapolygirlmaybe
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