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There is valuable information in the beginning of this thread, which I revived because when I deliberately searched for threads about long-distance relationships I chose the one that seemed to have the most pertinent information in it for my situation, so I wouldn't start a new thread.

The questions she asked in the first post were exactly why I chose this thread to resurrect:
Originally Posted by rolypoly View Post
I've seen a few people mention that they're in long-distance poly relationships and I'd love to hear about how they work for you. . . . I know I'd feel more connected if I knew that we had time reserved for talking with each other and catching up.

What other agreements do people have that make LDRs more smooth? How do you handle them? What benefits do you get from your relationship if regular physical intimacy isn't possible?
This was the spirit of information I was looking for, despite the tangents that took place. Mods, please reunite the threads. Posters, please stay on topic. Thanks!
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