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Default polynymmory, jealousy, and nympersion

Just did a Google search and found a posting by me that I hadn't written.

Aaaaaauuuuuugh! My name has run off with another man and I am so jealous.

Hang on, count to ten, actually, it is quite nice that there is already a River who is promoting poly stuff. He seems to be part of the team behind - he lives in the States and his real name is James...

Aaaaaaauuuuuuuugh, my name has run off with another man and he is only...

Hey, no that's cool. He doesn't want anything permanent... If you love something, let it be free to come back in its own time.

Or to make the point without the humour, I am English and my name is River: Please don't confuse me with an American guy called James who posts there as River. Needed to choose a different name.

... trueRiver - that'll show the ...

Shhhhhh! Calm down. Focus on the nympersion, one

... two

... three

... four

... five: isn't it great that our metanym is into the same stuff. Be great to get a pm from you James
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