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Default River~~ (posting as trueRiver)

My name is River, posting on these boards as trueRiver.

Please do not confuse me with a a senior member here, who posts as River: for both of us 'River' is a chosen name, and in my case it is official as I have done a 'deed poll' under English law.

I prefer to use River with no title and no surname. (I usually spell it as River~~ online as the twiddly bits look like very slightly like a River)

I have been in poly and mono relationships, but have had the polyamorous mindset since 1984, ie since before the word was coined. I only discovered the word in May 2011, and have been catching up since with all the material onthe net that I fundamentally agree with.

I have two children, one born into an approximately poly relationship in 1987, and one born into a mono relationship in 2005.

I worship with Quakers.

I will post more here at a later date.

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