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I'll confess that I hate talking on the phone. Always have! And in groups, I tend to be very quiet. If I had a penny for every time someone said to me, "I don't think I have ever heard your accent", I'd be rich. Okay. Not rich. But I would have a lot of pennies.

I tend to fair better in writing. Emails, IMing, text messages. That I can do! But ask me to call you, and I am like...."Do I have to?" That doesn't mean I am bad at communication, just that I dislike speaking on the phone. It probably has to do with not always having something to say, which can lead to awkward silences. Face to face, silences can be filled with facial expressions, activities, and such.

I was able to maintain a long distant relationship for 18 months, until I finally moved State side. Thousands of lines of text, but very few phones calls. I was pretty much in constant communication for every day.

As it happens, I do possess compassion, kindness, and honesty....I'm just not in New Mexico.
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