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NRE is an interesting thing to watch from the outside. For a while it was really frustrating me, but I did realize there's not a thing I can say or do about it, so why keep worrying about it?

I have been thinking about the whole feeling/labeling/prioritizing/status of relationships a lot. I'm not really sure where I am with it yet. I do think each relationship is very different, and needs to be seen individually. And I do see how relationships change as time goes by. I guess I just need to keep that in the back of my mind.

Part of rethinking the relationship between myself and hubs is to realize and remember who he is. I've always accepted him for all of his qualities, but I just forgot about some of them for a while, LOL. He's got ADHD, so there's a whole set of behaviors that come with that, that are a part of who he is, especially within relationships. Being impulsive, jumping full force into situations without considering consequences and being completely focused on one thing and not seeing, hearing, paying attention to anything else-- these are the things that are so powerful when you're on the receiving end... and a little painful when you're no longer benefitting from that focus, but on the outside.

I do know that we love each other, though. And we have a lot of fun in life together... even in the day to day stuff. Maybe that's enough for us...
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