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Last night I spent the evening with the wife of nine years, discussing a chemistry home-school curriculum for our two girls, and whether we could purchase the books needed.

Tonight I spend the evening with the girlfriend of two and half years, probably cuddled on a sofa watching a movie or show. We may head out for Thai, something we try to do around the 2nd of every month since we have been together. It's possible I'll find myself washing some dirty dishes.

With any luck, I will also get to see min šlskare, my lover, who lives with the girlfriend. I have known her for as long as I have known the girlfriend, and in that time we have become pretty close. We just started dating. Hopefully we can steal some cuddle time (squeeeee!)....unless she has a date of her own. *sigh*

Tomorrow I have a date with someone I have been chatting with for a few weeks. This will be out first date. We'll be meeting at location halfway between out two homes, at a coffee bar. The serve chocolate fondue! Yummy. It's exciting!

Four relationships, from the old and established, to sparkly and spanking new! Each one is different, and all affecting me in different ways. Eventually new relationships fall into the pattern of the old. The Eros (passion) diminishes, and is replaced with Agape (love), Storge (affection) and Philia (friendship)

[update: The girlfriend is sick with a cold. So...perhaps not too much cuddling after all. But still I go see her!]

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