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Try reading the threads that pop up when you do a search for "lessons" and "foundations."

It seems that you could very well be a person that understands and fits poly as a theory, but not in practice... no biggy, just have an open heart and mind and see what happens. There is no rush and there is no reason to fit a mould. You can go and do as you please.

To me poly is about expansive loving, not fitting in, not getting on it and doing it a certain way, not getting it right, just keeping true to your heart and keeping true to the idea of expanding love. If you do that in a monogamous relationship, that to me is still valid. You can have people you love close to you and not be intimate with them sexually or even emotionally. Its about mindset, rather than achieving poly.

I agree, its hard to answer specifically without some background, but hope this helps
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