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So essentially you are not together as a couple except on paper, each get to fuck other people and smile sweetly at each other? That isn't full circle it seems to me....

Just a heads up here. I am wondering if you have read any other threads here. Relationships that are struggling don't have the best results when another person is added. Not to mention it is really kinda mean to bring someone in who doesn't fully understand that there is shit hitting the fan and they are just a nice little distraction to the bigger issue that the marriage is falling apart. That person, more often than not, becomes the fall out person and gets hurt along the way. Is that where this is going do you think?

I am predicting... perhaps wrongly, but here it goes... that you will become intimately involved with this other woman. Fall in love, be NRE crazy all over her, get some needs met around being touched, loved, respected, cared for, cherished etc etc, be head over heels while your wife continues to fuck this guy cause its fun....

I suspect that your wife will lose it! I suspect that she will struggle seeing you so happy when her world was so perfect with you going off to work to pay he bills and take care of her while she stays at home fucking. I suspect that she will not like you taking on your own life at the expense of hers.

Of course I could be wrong I look forward to finding out I am.

Really, just gunna tell it like it is here.... take it or leave it... I think that you all need to drop the guy that is now seen (as was seen pretty obviously at the beginning) as not being worth the effort except for sex and get about FIXING what you have made out of your marriage.

I think she needs to get a job, or at least direct that energy she has for this guy elsewhere in her life that is of value and that boosts her interest and enthusiasm for life. Boosts her self esteem. I think she needs to think about why she is so bored with her life that she needs to have a lover rather than getting about DOING something useful beyond caring for the kids...

In this day in age being a house wife isn't enough I don't think for most women.... we are smart and under utilized most of the time and what drives me crazy is we do it to ourselves by thinking that "wouldn't it be fun to stay at home with the kids... oh, such an easy life. la la la " Well it isn't really I don't think because boredom sets in it seems and women start going crazy with it.... instead of changing their lives so as to be less bored, they do things like have crazy sex while their husbands are away. Only to feel as empty as they did before.... and on top of that, foolish.

I have a strong opinion here don't I. Well, I know something about this. I said that already didn't I
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