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Default thanks for all your thoughts on this matter

Hi all,

i think the timing is just poor when she and I met. it was just by chance that we met and now it has been just over 1.5 years since.

maybe what i'm going through is normal. i just happened to date a woman who is conservative, mono-minded and hasn't had a more serious romantic relationship than this one.

i need a break from serious long term mono-relationships and she's ready for one. the way i feel is that i will end up cheating on her if she expects long term monogamy.

i guess what i need to do is end our 18 month relationship since i'm not ready to be in a mono-relationship yet. because i love her that's going to be hard.

if she knows i'm seeing other women then maybe she can get on with her life and move on and find a mono-minded man ready for whatever it is that she wants.

I think my poly-mindedness is just a phase because of my past mono-commitments that didn't work out. because i care about her i've tried to fit myself to her desires and obviously that isn't working very well because here i am on asking advice on what to do.

thanks for listening and helping me sort things out.


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