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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
I'm worried that because of feeling this way I will be ostracized by the community. I felt that I had to speak though. Sometimes it feels like if you don't want to date/sleep with everyone in the core organizational crowd that you're not worth socializing with. In some ways it feels a lot like high school.

Our community is full of such diversity that I think the idea of us all "cliqueing" for lack of a real term is very unlikely. The important thing is that there are times and values that bind us in one common fundamental thought - people should be free to be themselves.

It is important to realize that this type of "different groups" is everywhere in society. Jocks and Geeks, new parents and child free couples, speed bike riders and cruiser dudes etc, etc. We're not all going to want to talk about or behave the same way...that doesn't have to translate into permanent segregation.

I agree, things should have been clearer regarding some aspects of the camp (keeping in mind my observations were only for the time we presented our workshop). This is a learning experience for all of us to build a better community I think. Does that mean the community will be all inclusive all the time? Nope. But there will be times when less frequent acquaintances meet and, through acceptance, should feel united if only for short times.

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