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The more you try to explain to us how HAAARRRRD things are for him and how you pushed and made him uncomfortable and caused him to be a dicktard... and how HAAARRRRD things are for him, the more he sounds like a douchebag.

And you gotta figure - you are trying to make him sound "not so bad", like you have "some responsibility" toward why he is the way he is... He still sounds like an asshole. I can only imagine what he's actually like in real-life, and it ain't a pretty picture.

It sounds like he has you brainwashed. You come here for an objective opinion, yet you defend him in such a way that the more you defend/explain, the worse he looks to the outside audience.

It still looks to me like he wants to break up with you but doesn't have the nerve to do it. This business with Cathy being the "last one" until he is "sure" he is ready to be monogamous is just so much bogus horseshit.

I'm glad I don't know you because if you were my friend I'd be a lot less easy on him, and on yourself too.

ETA: You "have to be sensitive" to Cathy's feelings even though she's talking shit about you behind your back?

You will read people saying that there's "no one right way to be poly" but there are definitely WRONG ways to be poly and this is one of them.

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