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AT, I'm having a difficult time trying to figure what you're getting at in what you just said.

It seems to me that there will be some variation in sexual mores from culture to culture, spiritual tradition to spiritual tradition, but that there are also some universal ethical principles, regardless. Does this much resonate with you?

While I am basically a buddhist, myself, I'm not a conventional nor a very traditional buddhist. I have a significant background in the study of modern psychology, and almost all of the buddhist teachers who have deeply influenced my understanding of dharma are also psychotherapists, so this constitutes much of my own personal frame of reference. For me, a "spiritual teacher" is largely a psychological guide -- though with a transpersonal perspective on human psychology. In this context, because power relations and "transference" (etc.) can gum up the works, it is a long standing tradition not to engage in sexual relations with clients (or students).

This, I see as a guiding principle, not an unvariable moral obligation. It depends on the circumstances, as all ethical considerations seem to do. Context is nearly everything.


Edit: As I recall (?), you have called your own spiritual tradition by the term "pagan". What sort of a pagan are you? May I ask? My path embraces various magical traditions as well as shamanistic ones. Dharma is just my home base, because it places mindfulness and lovingkindness at it's center, which resonates with my own deepest spiritual needs and intuitions.
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