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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
Sometimes it feels like if you don't want to date/sleep with everyone in the core organizational crowd that you're not worth socializing with.
This seems to be a trait that a lot of large groups have. It's sad and annoying and I've left a lot of things I enjoy because I wasn't listened to because I wasn't screwing those in charge.

And while I love nudity in the privacy of my own home, I can't blame you or anyone else for being uncomfortable. Karma and I warn new friends to not just drop by without calling cuz they may be seeing more than they want to.

It's good you wrote to the organizors and I hope it does make some sense to people and some changes are made. We've talked about going to something like this on and off, but like Karma just said to me-"I'd rather go to a group camp with the people we talk on here, where we can meet the people we've come to care about and not have to worry about who's trying to hook up with who." I want to go because I want to explore topics further, learn more, meet the people behind the computer screen. I'm not interested in an orgy or being made to feel bad because that's not how I poly. I'm sorry you were, and I really hope they take what you had to say into consideration.

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