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Originally Posted by jrcx3 View Post
wow thanks for the support...i am glad that there are people out there who realize I was born yesterday and have not lived on my own since I was a teen and graduated from the school of "Life has screwed me one too many times". I have nothing to loose in this endeavor. My husband loves me and if someone wants to deceive us to steal him away I pity that person. Dh is amazing at reading people, professionally trained on top of his natural skill. He can spot a deceptive person from a mile away. IF this doesn't work out with this woman than what do we loose? I and my husband may feel a little let down but we both wear big kid pants and can deal with it. I am glad you feel its important to 'rain on my parade' or poop in my post toasties but dang ease up a bit on the new girl.

I see so many unhappy people on this forum, communication is a problem, picking the wrong lovers, having devious people in their lives, etc. This is not the case for us, we are not making this decision based on lusty feelings. We would be swingers if that was the case.

What if we are the evil ones in this situation who want to take advantage of someone? Why do you assume that the 'third' is going to be the bad guy?

Just assume that, for some odd reason I may know what I am doing. I am excited about this and I wanted to share it with people of the community. If you had a bad experience I am sorry for that, but please dont hate on me for being unjaded.

My message to you was coming from a place of love, not from a place of hate.

It is no secret that I am a pessimist, and I live my life according to what works for me. You are free to believe that I mean harm when I say what I say, but I will point out that you are receiving my message through your own filters and skepticism. I encourage you to transcend that.

Good evening.
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