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Originally Posted by Anneintherain View Post
Now I hate to be a voice of reason but WHOA! I am guessing you're gonna suffer a hell of a lot of NRE if you are this giddy already. You haven't even met her yet and you think she's the perfect woman who you will both love and love both of you and she's going to be your best friend and all your dreams will come true? It will be great if this happens and I wish you luck, but I just think you should temper your excitement with some common sense and caution and take a step back. It sounds like a recipe to get your heart broken when you have this much joy and hope invested in a relationship that hasn't even really started.

I am excited and I thought that someone here would share my feelings and be able to relate to these feelings. I am a passionate woman and I like to let my feelings run at times, I dont feel its healthy to keep them reined in all the time. I guess I could be ambivalent to this process but why? I would rather be excited.

Why do you think this? I don't see how she has any less to lose as either of you at either this point or any point in the future.
She does have much to loose but we have a family (kids) and if things got ugly we would have our family torn apart. We have 4 people who would be invested in this relationship, she has only herself. But we are all big kids and can deal with this like mature adults.
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