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Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
Then given your carelessness and inconsistency in the past, you will need to be especially firm in the "nothing going on" direction. No breaks/lunches together, leaving together, arriving together, etc. If you give people even a little bit, the rumours will persist.

Or, accept all this as the price of admission and put the effort that you would have to put into being very closeted instead into ignoring folks and carrying on with life.
WOW...Thanks TruckerPete...I sure did need that...

ok so to everyone who has participated in this convo Thank You!
To those who proceded in giving me advise...thanks I guess, although as I said I was just looking to get people talking telling about ups and downs good and bad...evoking conversations sharing stories...
I guess in my story I did ask a retorical question "SO WHY DOES IT MATTER?!?"

But again I am always open to others thoughts, feelings, judgements...I don't necessarily agree...but will always listen and take into consideration.

Stifled by repressive societal attitudes

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