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Originally Posted by SoCalExile View Post
. . . he may feel like that's just tormenting himself for no purpose.
Well, he doesn't have to go out, either. But if he does, why would it be a torment? He has more freedom than he had before, life is good, he is healthy, he can smile at people and they will smile back. And if he stays home, I don't think it's very beneficial for him to do so out of fear that he can't handle the outside world. His post was a sort of lament, with a self-punishing kind of flavor to it, and I think that is a very counterproductive stance to take -- especially when the movement is going in a forward direction, albeit at a very slow pace. MT, I was just encouraging you to try and see the good and not give in to this "poor me" feeling. And it's okay to feel the loneliness. Usually seeing people is a great cure for that!
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