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I think Einstein said insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I think I am insane. Here is where we are. She has realized that I am really her friend and the person she loves and wants to be with. I think right now she believes that. Of course this may change. She also realized that T is not a relationship kind of guy. He is too immature to deal with that. But she does enjoy the fun of having sex with him. So she wants to keep seeing him (but only when I travel, not when I am home). And she only wants sex and easy going fun. And she says she will never male me feel like I am not the priority. That she was stupid and made a mistake. So I get to keep traveling and doing my job, she gets fun during the week, I come home to a happy wife who sees me in a better light, and we don't have to break up the family and the marriAge. Isn't this where i started? Lol.
So the insane person that wants to try again. With one assumed difference - that she has the capacity to be honest. I also told her that if she wanted to do this that I want to re-establish contact with my female friend who ibwas talking to about all this. She is not a fAn of that idea lol. So we will see what happens there
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