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I'll add a word. Up there's basically how things started. Me and my husband (I should think of a on-line name for him, Alec..?) had an sexually open relationship for about 3 years before I met Mya. I had thought about poly before, but didn't really see it as realistic. Oh well, I'm happy I was wrong.

I'm not sure if Alec is poly or not, he's not really sure either. He hasn't had any real attractions during us being together, but you never know. Could be that the right person just hasn't come along. Anyway, he doesn't really see himself in any other relationships any time soon, if ever.

None of us have had any jealousy during this time. There have been some feelings of nervousness and discomfort, mostly when Mya, me and Alec hung out for the first time, but it wasn't major and was easily sorted out. Now that all of us have met a few more times it's all really good. Mya's coming to visit me and Alec on the weekend, I'm really looking forward to that; both the time as a group and also some alone time with Mya.
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