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In a couple of days rory and I have been together for 4 months. Yey! Me and JJ have been together for 8 years and rory and her husband for 7 years. Both original couples had had an open relationship for quite some time before me and rory met.

My first contact with poly as a concept happened when I watched a documentary about it on TV with JJ. We talked about wheather we could ever imagine ourselves in a situation like that and we came to the conclusion that we could. This was just in theory though, we didn't do anything about it then. Maybe a year after that we took the next step, which was allowing kissing other people. We did that, saw each other kiss other people and didn't feel jealous. That's when we decided we could also have sex with other people, why not. And that's when I met rory. It was obvious quite soon that it was more than sex. We developed feelings for each other and very soon after that we both had discussions with our husbands about us dating. They both were fine with it and that's how we got here. Baby steps.

Our lives are in a way split between two countries. When I met rory, I was working abroad and temporarily living apart from JJ. So 4 moths ago when this started, I was in a LDR with JJ, but in the same country with rory. Quite soon after we met I moved back in with JJ and then I was in a LDR with rory. I lived with him for a month and left again, this time just to another city but stayed in the same country with JJ. I have been living here for 2,5 months now and I'm going back to JJ in a month, this is just a summer job. Rory and her husband came here to this country for the summer as well so at the moment we're all living in the same country but in 3 different cities! I live 2 hours from rory and 7 hours from JJ. In the autumn, rory and her husband go back to the other country and I'm staying here with JJ. The plan for the near future is that I'll spend one week of each month at their place and 3 weeks with JJ. This summer has been great because I've had a lot of one-on-one-time with rory and all four of us have been able to meet each other several times. In the future we are hoping to end up in the same city, all four of us. If all goes well, we might all live together, but apartments next to each other would be nice too.
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